Mark's Mini Gallery


Angus Darkhammer--A Reaper dwarf. Not that happy about the way the beard turned out.
DeKlerik Highcleft
Dwarf Shaman
Dwarf Shaman Back
Dwarf Shaman Closeup
Dwarven Axeman 01
Dwarven Axeman 01 Closeup
Dwarven Axeman 01 Rear
Dwarven Hal
Forne Ironstone
Gregori Stoneheart
Iggy Rock
Iron Lord's Orc Foes
Quimby Copperthumb
Quimby Copperthumb Back
Quimby Copperthumb Back Closeup
Quimby Copperthumb Closeup
Rurik Torunn--Erin originally used this Reaper dwarf in a previous campaign. I liked it so much, I bought my own and used it for Rurik.
Varin Stonefist