Mark's Mini Gallery


Week 01--A hyena from the Chainmail line of figs. A nice simple figure to start with.
Week 02--A Gondorian warrior from Games Workshops Fellowship of the Ring game.
Week 03--A Foundry Gladiator.
Week 04--Another Foundry Gladiator.
Week 05--A really nice Reaper Ogre.
Week 06--This is a pretty impressive fig from Reaper. I'm really happy with how the central eye turned out.
Week 07--A nice drow cleric from Reaper.
Week 08--A nice Reaper fig. I really like the copper on the staff, even though it was very simple to do.
Week 09--A Succubus figure by Reaper. I really like the way the wings turned out.
Week 10--An basic trooper in the Anubi army. I'm pretty happy with the way he turned out, enough though it was a very quick paint job.
Week 11--An Asar Spy from the WarGods game. Pretty simple paint job.
Week 12--A really cool WarGods figs. I'm really happy with the way he turned out.
Week 13--Another trooper in the Anubi army.
Week 14--The Anubi swordsmen ready for battle.
Week 15--Another WarGods fig. The Nekharu are described as having skin like rotten meat. The skin on this fig isn't what I originally had in mind, but I like the way it turned out.
Week 16--A Reaper Stone Golem. I like the way the stone turned out.
Week 17--A really nice Heru fig. Took a while to get something I liked, but I'm pretty happy with the way the flesh turned out.
Week 18--Another WarGods figs. The Asar Musician is a pretty simple sculpt, but I really like it. At some point, I'll have to try and fix the left leg with some putty. But it doesn't look that bad in real, so it wasn't a big deal for this project.
Week 19--A second WarGods Nekharu Coven Witch. I think the two match fairly nicely.
Week 20--An Armorcast tree stump.
Week 21--Another Amorcast tree stump.
Week 22--An Armorcast gravestone.
Week 23--A WarGods Asar Spearman. I like how he turned out.
Week 24--Another Asar Spearman. I really like how these guys are coming along.
Week 25--Another Asar Spearman. Slowly, but surely, the unit is coming together.
Week 26--A simple paint job on a simple fig.
Week 27--A Reaper Water Elemental.
Week 28--Another WarGods Asar Spearman.
Week 29--A Reaper Warlord fig. Pretty happy with the way it turned out.
Week 30--Pretty happy with the way he turned out. I tried to tie him into the Asar Spearmen.
Week 31--Like the priest last week, I tried to tie this fig in with the Asar Spearmen. However, as a sorcerer, I did give me a little more color than the other figs.
Week 32--A WarGods Dark Harbinger. I really like this fig.
Week 33--I am really happy with the way this turned out.
Week 34--An Urn of Ashes from the Reaper line.
Week 35--A Reaper Earth Elemental.
Week 36--A Reaper Giant. I'm pretty happy with the way that he turned out, even thought I was trying a new combo of paints for the flesh.
Week 37--It was kind of interesting trying to make everything a different shade of brown, for leather, while making different from the skin.
Week 38--One of my favorite Clar War figs.
Week 39--The standard didn't quite turn out as nice as I had like, but I'm still happy with it as a first attempt at free hand.
Week 40--A Reaper Priest, with a simple paint job. The white is a little plain, but I couldn't get anything to work that didn't make it look too dirty.
Week 41--A Reaper Ghost Warrior. Nice and simple, but I'm a little disappointed with the sculpt of the face. It seems to plain compared to the other Reaper skeletons.
Week 42--I would like to finish off this entire unit before the end of the project.
Week 43--Got the idea to paint one of these guys from Dugger's game. I like how this fig turned out for a quick and simple paint job.
Week 44--Another Asar Spearman. Hopefully, I'll actually finish this unti before the MAW project ends.
Week 45--A couple of Reaper Rats with simple paint jobs.
Week 46--A Reaper Werewolf fig. It is probably a little bit better of a paint job than the photo suggestes. Still, it is another week with a simple fig. Is this project over yet? :-)
Week 47--A Reaper Fire Elemental. I think the flame effect turned out pretty nicely.
Week 48--A Chainmail Hobgoblin and I am very happy with the way he turned out.
Week 49--Originally, I wasn't sure about the yellow robes. But I think they turned out nicely.
Week 50--A Reaper Giantess. I really like the way this fig turned out.
Week 51--A Reaper Air Elemental. I wasn't going to do another elemental for the MAW project. However, I decided I wanted to complete the set during the project.
Week 52--A Reaper Sun Priest. I am necessarily sure I like the yellow, but I figured a sun priest would want to be bright. It is definitely bright.