Mark's Mini Gallery


Anubi Musician
Anubi Musician Closeup
Anubi Standard Bearer
Anubi Standard Bearer Closeup
Anubi Swordsman 1--An basic trooper in the Anubi army. I'm pretty happy with the way he turned out, enough though it was a very quick paint job.
Anubi Swordsman 1 Closeup
Anubi Swordsman 2--Another trooper in the Anubi army.
Anubi Swordsman 2 Closeup
Anubi Swordsman 3
Anubi Swordsman 3 Closeup
Anubi Unit Swordsmen--The swordsmen ready for battle.


Asar Master of Words
Asar Master of Words Closeup
Asar Musician
Asar Priest of Horus
Asar Priest of Horus Side
Asar Priest of Osiris
Asar Priest of Osiris Closeup
Asar Spearman 1
Asar Spearman 1 Close
Asar Spearman 2
Asar Spearman 2 Close
Asar Spearman 3
Asar Spearman 3 Close
Asar Spearman 4
Asar Spearman 5
Asar Spearman 5 Closeup
Asar Spearman 6
Asar Spearman 6 Close
Asar Spy



Eater of the Dead

Dark Harbinger
Dark Harbinger Closeup
Mummy 01


Heru Hero w/Swords--A really nice Heru fig. Took a while to get something I liked, but I'm pretty happy with the way the flesh turned out.


Nekharu Coven Witch 1
Nekharu Coven Witch 1 Closeup
Nekharu Coven Witch 2


Sebeki Hero
Sebeki Hero Back
Sebeki Hero Close
Sebeki Hero Side
Sebeki Hero Side Close